Africa and Europe

Co-operation in a Globalized World | 2007

Johannes Müller & Michael Reder (red.) 
ISBN 978 3 8258 0518 0

LIT Verlag Dr. W. Hopf Berlin, 2007
232 pages, 160 x 235 mm

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In Europe, Africa is often called the forgotten continent. The collapse of states, violent conflicts and natural disasters shape the public perception of Africa in Europe, while the political perspectives tend to be grossly neglected. This book wants to challenge this image in the eyes of many people through a profound analysis of the main aspects of African-European relations (e.g. economics, migration, HIV / AIDS). In particular, it will be discussed what can be done to improve the relations between both continents and to develop a constructive and genuine cooperations.

The book is based on the presentations and discussions of a congress of the Jesuit Scribani Network.

Table of Contents 

Müller, Johannes & Reder, Michael – Introduction

Part I: African and European Relations 
Shirima, Valerian – The Relationship between Africa and Europe
Short, Clare – Ways of Cooperation between Europe and Africa
Eibl, Sylvia – Reflections on the Preliminaries for Improving African-European Synergies

Part II: Economy and Migration
Assche, Helmut & Biallas, Axel – Africa’s Growth, Development Aid and the European Union
Van Liedekerke, Luc – Multinationals and the Natural Resource Curse
Egom, Peter Alexander – New Agents of Justice for Fragile States: Responsibility of Multinationals, Civil Society and the Church
Lorougnon, Serge Azidé – Fragile States in Africa: The Contribution of the Catholic Church
Castles, Stephen – Migration as an African-European Challenge

Part III: Peace Building and Justice
Debiel, Tobias – Violent Conflict and State Fragility in Sub-Saharan Africa – Trends, Causes and Policy Options
Opongo, Elias Omondi – Humanitarian Organizations in Field Diplomacy
Butegwa, Florence – Nigerian Women Making History in 2007

Part IV: HIV/Aids Pandemic
Czerny, Michael – HIV and AIDS as Human Challenge
Grohs, Gerhard – HIV/AIDS in Africa as a Social Problem
Kiefer, Mattias – HIV Prevention in the Wider Context of Current Inner-Catholic Discourses

Part V: Interreligious Dialogue
Müller, Johannes – Interreligious Cooperation for Human Development
McGarvey, Kathleen – Considering Women’s Religious Discourse in Northern Nigeria for Peacebuilding and Human Development
Schonecke, Wolfgang – Development and Interreligious Cooperation – Examples from Different African Contexts

Part VI: Political Perspectives for a Common Future
Henriot, Peter J. – Option for Africa: Challenge for Christian Churches and Civil Society – and for the Jesuits
Masawe, Fratern – Option for Africa – Challenges for the Christian Churches and Civil Societies
Rotsaert, Marc – Perspectives for Africa and Europe