A Changing Africa


William Chislett

UCSIA, 2007
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In September 2006, the 2nd Scribani-Conference took place at the Institut für Gesellschaftspolitik in Munich: “Africa and Europe. Cooperation in a Globalized World”.

On UCSIA’s request, William Chislett summarized the main results and insights of the conference. Without denying the major problems of Africa and Europe’s historical responsibility towards the continent, the essay highlights progress in and opportunities for Africa.

Table of Contents

The Burden of Slavery, Colonialism and Neo-Colonialism
Democracy on the Rise
Empowering Women
Armed Conflict Declines
The Economy
Debt Cancellation
Natural Resources: a Curse and a Blessing. The Case of Nigeria and Chad
The New Scramble for Africa: China’s Upswing in Trade, Investment and Aid
Africa’s Relationship with the European Union
Conclusion: a Glass Half Empty or Half Full?